Texas size Guard Dogs you can Trust for  Family and Livestock protection.  The  Presa Canario are  choice breed for serious  personal Protection.

Beaux Tucker Kennels

Presa Canario Sires & Dams

Beaux Tucker Texas Size Guard Dogs.  Located in the Houston area.  Personal Protection and Livestock Guardians.  New Litter Due 3/30/21

Huge presa canario male study

Large male presa

large brindled presa canario

Huge Presa Canario Male STud

stud presa canarios

Blue presa canario female

brindled female presa nursing

Blue Sky

large reverse brindled presa canario female

Shuggie Boogie

Brindled male and sire presa canario

Star Breeders Diva Tuesday and Sire Prince Jagermeister

female presa canariobreeder females presa canario

red female presa canario

Upcoming Star Breeder Winter

black presa canario female breeder