Texas size Guard Dogs you can Trust for  Family and Livestock protection.  The  Presa Canario are  choice breed for serious  personal Protection.

Beaux Tucker Kennels

Presa Canario

The Presa Canario Dog Breed originated in Spain as a livestock guardian dog.  High prey instinct makes this stunning animal an amazing catch dog.  The Persa will not disapoint when it comes to relentless loyalty to the family and the ability to be a fearless guradian for livestock and the home.  They also have the temperment to make a loving companion for the family.  You will find Beaux Tucker Kennels offers high end stock at affordable pricing, for those who desire such an addition to the home.  Check out the Beux Tucker Presa Gang!  Texas size Guardians, having Texas Size Fun!

 Presa Canario Breed Info.