Texas size Guard Dogs you can Trust for  Family and Livestock protection.  African Boerboels and the Spanish Presa Canario are  choice breeds for serious  personal Protection.

Beaux Tucker Kennels


Beaux Tucker Kennels has recently expanded to include the African Boerboel breed.  This is a  large Molosser Breed dog that is a fearless guardian when it comes to protecting  the family or livestock. They also make a wonderful companion for the family, being full of fun and personality.  These animals are just as serious about family loyalty and a good time as they are about being a Serious Guardian.  

 Boerboel Breed Info. 


African Boerboels enjoying each other while on the Guard!


South African Boerboels 

African Boerboel is the African Mastiff used to hunt down even the Jaguar.


$1800 Full AKC Registration

large red boer boel female puppy

extra large female boerboel puppies
Big Girls Jewels and Laney at 12 weeks.

African Boerboel Female
Nala and Francois 

Amazing Crew has Arrived


Males and Females


female boerboel dam

Honey Pie

fawn african boerboel female

Katy Jo

female boerboel dam


large african boerboel male

boerboel fawn